Domain Renewal Scam
So, another day another domain scam!!
Today's comes in the form of a very well formatted and formal looking "Domain Name Expiration Notice" from the Domain Renewal Group. A quick scan read and it appears to be a bill for a domain renewal, but it's not.
In reality it's a domain transfer and then billing notice, sneaky eh?

You have to love Google Street View, as anyone can now view the return address, which is 56 Gloucester Road, Suite 256, London, SW7 4UB. It transpires that "Suite 256" is actually a post office box!
You can infer that their technical support will be equally professional.

We've attached some scans of the 'notice' below and an image of the address, so if you happen to encounter one of these you know what to do with it...
File it in the paper recycling bin!!

This form is almost identical to one that was circulating a few years ago from "The Domain Registry of America", looks like a name change to us.

The majority of Selvatico's customers will be unaffected by this type of scam as Selvatico is the registered admin contact, but if you do receive one of these and are unsure just contact Selvatico and we can always help.

Question: Why don't scammers just get a real job?

Domain Renewal Group Scam
Always read the small print!!
Domain Renewal Scam

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