Samsung ML1640

Sick and tired of ink jet printers devouring cartridges and producing poor quality prints?

For years the multifunction inkjet printer has been the backbone of home and small business printing. Now there are a new generation of entry level black and white laser printers which rock the inkjet pedestal.

We have just replaced an Epson inkjet with a Samsung ML-1640 laser printer and it's like a breath of fresh air. When a print is sent for printing, it actually prints quickly and accurately. Gone are the black lines across the page, the missing print or the smudges.

This printer has a few of major selling points, firstly a selling price of around £60, a cartridge price of about £45 (1500 pages) and a small footprint. Comparing that to a cartridge hungry inkjet, and you can see why it makes sense.

Of course there are downsides, it's only black and white, but in reality most people just want great quality text prints. If you need to print photos it's more cost effective to use Asda or one of the online services.

We highly recommend this great little printer.

Samsung ML-1640
Entry level black and white laser printer, a viable alternative to the inkjet

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